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It's no surprise that our major fundraising events take a lot
to we're always grateful for any offers of help.
Each event is different but as a general rule,

we look for help with:

Distributing neighbourhood posters or mailbox
flyers (perfect for any dog-walkers out there)

  Basic admin tasks. Ideal for stay-at-homers who
know word-processing, spreadsheets, email etc.

  Event stewards to meet and greet on the big day.

Our next event is coming up, so if this
sounds like you or someone you know,

let us know how you'd like to help.

The Friends look to help wherever, whenever and however
we can: putting on a spring fundraiser in the heart of a neighbourhood to buy something that makes life easier for

busy ward staff, or filling a cart to the brim with free goodies

and stopping by a patient's bedside with a smile
and a magazine to help pass the time.

Our choice of programs provide a straightforward,
meaningful way to bring a community’s healing power to
a neighbour in need. Whether you want to make a general donation to where it's needed most, or you want to support

a program that speaks to you more personally,

click above to visit our on-line giving page

where you will also be issued a tax receipt.



Address: PO Box 23008, Vendome, Montreal, QC H4A 1SO


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