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When your kidneys cease to do the job they were designed for, you will need dialysis.
For most, that means an invasive procedure for up to twelve hours every week, indefinitely, unless you are eligible
and receive a transplant.

DialyTran is unique to the MUHC
and offers recreational therapy to help dialysis patients deal with the physical
and emotional effects this dramatic
    change can have on their lifestyle.   


Probably our single biggest fundraiser in terms of sheer size and organization. Our third swap was our best ever.
We literally redecorated the gym at Lower Canada College with
wall-to-wall bicycles and matched hundreds of keen sellers with hundreds of keen buyers! We smashed our target of purchasing specialised medical equipment, much to the delight
of our oncology team… and
their patients.


toonie challenge

We launched this challenge to inspire students and their school communities to find ways to work together to fundraise for the good of the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Collecting just simple toonies,
schools from all across the Island
of Montreal took good old determination and mixed it with
some great new innovation,
and between them raised
over $40,000. 

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