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Begin, or renew, your membership today. 

Along with invitations to our special in-person events ... when you join as a member we make sure to keep you posted on news/events at your local hospital and up to date on the many different ways you are helping us take care of our patients.

Whether it's wrapping someone up in a warm coat when the weather turns cold or serving a cup of coffee to someone who feels their day will never end, there's no hiding we're all about the human touch. 

We invite you to be involved as much or as little as you wish. Sign up is quick, easy and requires no financial commitment.


Required for all NEW and RENEWING members.

2.  come TO LUNCH

Thursday May 23rd, 2024 The Glen 12 - 2pm

We mix business with pleasure to give you the chance to meet other members over a light lunch before we present our activities for the previous year and share some of our plans for the future. This year we will also hear from Erin Kennedy, Manager of Volunteer Services, Adult sites on how her team recruits and harmonizes an army of volunteers into the day-to-day operations of the MUHC. For catering, please indicate your attendance.


The Glen site is one of the largest and most complex state of the art teaching hospitals in North America. It's also home to an impressive collection of traditional and modern art, curated for its importance in a hospital's physical backdrop and used in the creation of a healing environment. Members are invited to learn more about this powerful combination by taking a personal tour with one of our expert guides. Sign up required.

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